Solace in Insanity

Das neue Album »Season III – Solace in Insanity«

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Solace in Insanity

Two dreamy boys play in the attic. Soft light is coming in through the dusty old windows. A bizarrely twisted castle in the air, made from colourful building blocks, is magically floating in front of them, slowly turning. A musical box sounds…


With 14 tracks and more than 60 minutes of playing time, Die KAMMER is opening their unmistakable imaginarium of morbid and scary, heart-rending and romantic, tongue-in-cheek and amusing, lovingly staged little stories about love and life for the third time.


The Kammer got bigger, bigger and more playful. In addition to the already known, but still extraordinary KAMMER orchestra consisting of tuba, violin, viola, cello, drums and guitars, a bass has joined the band that rounds and completes the Kammer’s sound. Furthermore, the new album is featuring some exceptional instruments and artists. The listener can expect sounds from real barrel organs, musical boxes and other strange mechanophones. With Vasily Dück a notable accordion player was engaged - a first, for the KAMMER. The cherry on the cake is little »Sophie« (not entirely unknown to KAMMER fans), who is getting her own voice. Voice actor Sabine Bohlmann (the German voice of Lisa Simpson and Moaning Myrtle, among others) is breathing life into her.


»Solace in Insanity« is offering even more variety and versatility - with colourful arrangements, moving and melancholic melodies and the audible love for handmade, acoustic music. There’s fiddling and tuba-ing, plucking and drumming, whistling and grinding, chiming and rattling, strumming, ticking and crashing and of course singing – all of it full of passion. All this on »Solace in Insanity« - the third trick of DIE KAMMER.