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35 Years "A Wedding Anniversary"

Live-Concert with A Wedding Anniversary, Totgeglaubt and Ballyhoo

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35 Years A Wedding Anniversary | 18 March 2023, 19:00 | Szene Wien

1988. A second "Summer of Love". Free. Innovative. Full of curiosity and, yes, also full of love. Today unimaginable.
The band A Wedding Anniversary wants to bring this (time) spirit back to the present. After 28 years, disbanded in 1995. With the original line-up. Without a net and a false bottom.

We remember:
A Wedding Anniversary put themselves in the focus of the local indie scene in one fell swoop in June 1988 with their debut concert at the Academy of Fine Arts. Their performances became veritable celebrations thanks to a loyal fan base. Excitingly signed to a French label (Dancetaria), their greatest successes were in other European countries. Those who were out and about in Vienna at night in the years 88 to 90 (U4, Chelsea, Arena, Szene, Blue Box ...) may still remember their songs like "Man From The Hills", "On A Wedding Anniversary" or "The Monks Of The Isis", but from 1990 they continued to write their story from Paris. There they were counted among the scene around London's "Bat-Cave", they were considered one of the most influential of the genre between dark-wave and gothic.
In Vienna they remained "the bad support band" - affectionately called so because the main acts had a hard time afterwards, ask Wall Of Vodoo or Fields Of The Nephelim ...

A Wedding Anniversary were embedded in an active, dynamic scene. That's why important companions from back then are part of this unique concert under the sign of love and friendship:

Once more. Together. Since "Und es fängt von neuem an ...", the cinematic documentation of the Wiener Neustadt music scene of the 80s, this conglomerate of musicians from probably the most important Neustadt bands of that time (X-Beliebig, Dämmerattacke, Bates) has stood for the revival of the spirit of punk, post-punk and new wave. As with the farewell to lead singer Thomas Guth, who sadly passed away far too early in 2018, expect to see many illustrious guests on the mic!

When the Viennese alternative grunge rockers Ballyhoo were the first Austrians to make it into the playlists of the music television giants MTV and VIVA with their videos in the early 90s and were signed by an international major, it was not only a small sensation - it was also an incentive, strengthened self-esteem and the "we-feeling" of the local music scene. With three albums, two EPs and numerous singles between grunge a la Nirvana, Beatles psychedelia and Britpop/shoegazeing, the four wrote their own successful chapter of red-white-red pop culture.

DJ Alfi
Last but not least, the party goes on until - not only! - the rolators groan. Another young-at-heart relic of the 1980s will take care of that and provide the sound for the after-show party: DJ Alfi (Chelsea)

An evening to relive highlights of Austrian alternative music and subculture history. Nostalgia is not banned, even if it has to share the space with today's attitude to life and music that is relevant at the moment...


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