Here you may get hold of the musical works (AUDIO) of our artists. Whether physically or digitally, individually, as an album or bundle with or without artwork. Whether as a registered regular customer or visitor; just as you like it. You will also find clothing and other beautiful things (MERCHANDISE) with which you can satisfy your passion for collecting and show your devotion. As a regular customer, you can purchase exclusive and limited special editions and find out about the latest developments, dates and releases of our artists via our newsletter. In our CUSTOM SHOP you can give free rein to your individualism and design your own desired products. Together we will find a way to realise your project in a high-quality and economically reasonable way.

Of course, we too, or especially we, must pay attention to economic efficiency. However, due to the proximity of artist and label, your investments in these beautiful things will enter loss-free into the artists' new production process,  enables them to compose and produce new beautiful things for you. You see, the circle closes and you go from being a music lover to a Patron of the Arts!

I wish you much joy and thank you for your visit!

Ver Sacrum!

Your Marcus Testory