Welcome to Delicious Releases

Delicious Releases, audible delicacies.

As the name suggests, we are a speciality-focused label for gourmets* and lovers* of musical diversity. We share the joys of beautiful things, pleasure and joie de vivre with our artists*, their fans and listeners*. We speak one language, because here artists* work for artists* who understand your needs.
In times of streaming and fast consumption, we offer you a little time out. There are vinyl editions, CD collector's editions and also high-quality flac or mp3 downloads. Of course, our products are also available on all known platforms and in stores worldwide, but we are happy about every one of you who buying your desired item directly from us. This enlarges the small slice that remains for the artists* a little.

We are a label and service provider*. As such, we offer artists* the opportunity to use our digital and analogue distribution structure (Orchard/Membran) and support with know-how and networking where we can and where it is requested; from artwork, audio and video production to merchandise production and sales, because together we always achieve more than alone.

Feel free to contact me personally for more information.

Ver Sacrum!

Your Marcus Testory

* Please forgive my carelessness, I have not "gendered" the page for the sake of better readability. Of course, all this also applies, and even more so, to: Gourmets, lovers, artists, listeners and service providers. My admiration!