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Season I: The Seeming and the Real

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Matthias Ambré (former guitarist and producer of ASP)and Marcus Testory ( founder and director of Chamber - L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir) deliver handmade,

sensitivesongs, stripped down to the essentials of singer-songwriter tradition. At times melancholy and morbid, at times tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic, instrumented by cello, viola, violin, tuba and minimal drums, which let their tunes emerge in a magical atmosphere, gives the orchestra it's unique sound. Their first album »Season I: The Seeming and the Real« unites these elements with Testory's charismatic voice to twelve perfectly enacted songs, seducing to listen and dream, as well as to dance.




The Orphanage | Fate/Illusion | Labyrinths Of Despair | The Seeming And The Real | Black As Coal | Riding The Crest | A Backward Glance | Home In Your Eyes | Singing: Surrender | The Grand Graveyard Of Hopes | Final Days (Of Mankind) | The Painter Man's Spell

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